Economics: How free markets and wise government bring prosperity

"Very entertaining and informative" high school text by A. V. Sloan, Stanford MBA. Parts are useful for colleges, grades 4-8, even grades K-3; see free Read links below

Inexpensive - ideal for home schooling or as a supplementary, easy read text

Part 1 outline - The Invisible Hand. Insights into how markets work and how you can get at least your fair share. (Do you know what is a person's fair share?)

Preface including comments on this text by Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman (conservative) and prominent Harvard author John Kenneth Galbraith (liberal)

Read the popular "Oreo" chapter (on the cost of dinner at home)

Page on the role of politics in economics and personal success.

Part 2 outline - Fostering Prosperity. How effective government is key to the success of free markets. Chapters tie to US history periods, making the book a useful resource in government and history courses.

Read the chapter on New York beginnings

Matchup of the economic concepts of the National Council on Economic Education with this text's chapters. Use this one-semester book to cover all required topics much more easily than the typical text designed for a full year course.

Preview book's cover showing cartoon characters thinking "What's in it for me?" -- the driving force of Economics. (May take extra time to load).

Comments on this textbook:

Teachers review text, including "Very entertaining and informative"

Student comments on book's readability and relevance to their lives

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Bonus Opportunity: For \\$9.95 additional, also receive the Current Economic Issues book ($12.95 if ordered separately, due to shipping costs.) Click to see its outline or to Read a sample chapter on the Drugs issue, from an economics perspective.

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