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Economics: how free markets and wise government bring prosperity

Description: This is the online version of the US textbook by A.V. Sloan. It is aimed at secondary school students, and explains how the free market system works. Selected parts of the book are available on the site. The author has an MBA from Stanford University and has had broad business experience. The site has a Teachers' Resources Guide with online multiple choice quizzes to test the students. Teachers can contact Albert Sloan by email to gain online access to more of the textbook.
Keywords: economics, teaching materials, economic systems and theories
URL: http://econ.4mg.com/


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Dear Mr. Sloan:

Please send me one copy of your text ECONOMICS: How Free Markets + Wise Government Bring Prosperity. I enclose payment of $14.95


Yafa E. Berger, Coordinator of School-To-Work Program, Bedford-Stuyvesant Outreach High School Program, 832 Marcy Avenue, 3rd floor, Brooklyn, New York 11216, phone:(718) 857-4237 or 38


From: "yafa berger" <yafab@hotmail.com>
To: vansloan@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Your May 25 e-mail
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 10:05:31 PDT

Rec'd. it [your Economics text] & reviewed it over the weekend. Found it very entertaining & informative & I plan to use it in both my high school & college economics classes.


Dear Van,
You will be happy to know that I'm going to use excerpts of your text in the Macroeconomics class that I'm teaching @ Touro College this summer. I'm interested in your other texts esp. since I will be teaching AP economics as well...I also plan on ordering several copies of your book in Sept. Would also like to have you to do a guest lecture in my school if you ever get to NY.
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 09:06:35 PDT

I had wanted to order another copy of your book. Should I just send you the $14.95 directly? Incidentally, I used your book today in my macroeconomics class that I teach @ Touro College (a private college in NYC). It was great.
Mon, 17 Jul 2000 17:51:15 PDT

Looking forward to meeting you. Incidentally--kids love your text!
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 17:26:08 GMT

Van--Your book passed the test of some of the harshest critics in the world--my Bed-Stuy kids! We read the first chapter on scarcity & selfishness as an economic motivator. I asked them to write a paragraph stating their opinion-if they agree with you or not. Interestingly enough, most did but some really were annoyed @ your words. I'm going to send you, under separate, some copies of their work! Incidentally, when I told them you'd be meeting them, they were looking forward to it!
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 21:16:46 GMT

Alameda Unified School District

Historic Alameda High School 2200 Central Avenue

Alameda, California 94501 (415) 748-4000

 June 26, 1996

Economics Educators, School Administrators

To Whom It May Concern,

A dilemma common to high school Economics teachers is the limited availability of current, interesting and relevant Economics textbooks. With reduced school budgets, the purchase of new ( and expensive!) textbooks is not a frequent reality. In fact, the text in use at my high school (Alameda High) introduces a new President and his unique economic policies--President Reagan! The textbook approach to teaching Economics is not particularly relevant to students' lives in 1996.

In California, Economics is taught as a one semester course based on concepts outlined in the California Social Science Framework. Most textbooks on the market focus on a one year course and are written either at an almost college reading level or are more suitable for a reading level below 9th grade. Mr. Albert V. Sloan has written a series of moderately priced and user-friendly Economics books for high school students. His books are designed for a one semester course and present basic economic concepts in a clear concise manner relevant to the needs of students. His text, The Invisible Hand, introduces students to the basics of economic thinking. The complementary text, Fostering Prosperity, expands into more economic concepts and places them in historical perspective. A teacher's resource guide and a new book on current issues provide ideas for teachers on the use of the books and contain quiz and discussion questions.

I have used Mr. Sloan's books as assigned reading in my Economics classes during the 1995 and 1996 school years. This use was an early pilot of the book and was limited by the necessity of copying chapters for 105 students. To test the final product, on three separate occasions during the 1996 school year, Mr. Sloan visited my classroom and solicited my student's comments on his books. During each of these visits, the students read several more chapters of the book, answered questions in groups and discussed the material as a class. A survey of their opinions on Mr. Sloan's books versus the text they were issued at the beginning of the semester showed that a large majority preferred Mr. Sloan's books to the standard Economics textbook.

Due to this positive response, in 1997, Alameda High School will purchase The Invisible Hand and Fostering Prosperity as a vinyl bound set to use as a pilot project in my Economics classes.


Steve Caziarc

Economics Teacher, Alameda High School


Other teachers comment on The Invisible Hand/ Fostering Prosperity:

"Short & concise. Very straightforward & easy to understand. Basic concepts for students to understand in the 'real world' I'd like a copy of Current Economic Issues."

Andrea Phillips, Logan High School (enrollment 4100) Union City CA (510) 471-2520

"High interest text appropriate for ELD or "sheltered" classes --no existing text for this target group."

Jon Sherr, San Leandro High School. San Leandro CA (510) 838-4280 Seven years teaching economics, 255 economics students in current year

"Would like to use your textbook because of relevancy"

Chaucey Babcock, Piedmont High School, Piedmont CA (510) 420-3600


Name: Nilza Email: ndias@agric.uwa.edu.au

Where are you from: University of Western Australia

Comments: Could this include in more pictures, diagrams, or illustrations. July 20, 2001 10:48:19 (GMT Time)

Sloan replies:. This economics text was designed as a quality, but low-cost alternative to the lavish texts that big publishers offer. Adding lots of colorful illustrations would add to its cost, but may not help students' understanding and ability to discuss economics. Do pictures of loaves of bread or farmers reaping wheat really help in understanding prices? And I have always been bothered by students who cannot explain an economic concept without pointing to a diagram. The real world usually doesn't have a chalkboard nearby!

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