Three classes of high school seniors in Alameda, California have been studying economics using both a standard textbook ("Invitation to Economics" by Scott-Foresman) and this book. A one semester economics course Is required of all California seniors, which means that not all students are enthusiastic about the topic. However, all types of students seem to respond well to "The Invisible Hand."

These typical quotes were volunteered by Alameda High School seniors on a survey comparing their two economics texts. They are representative of the 31 quotes received on the 80 student surveys. The grades below each quote were given to that student for mid-semester in economics In April 1996.

"Invitation to Economics is boring and monotonous. The Invisible Hand is relevant to my life + easy to comprehend."

A- Female... works 20-22 hrs./wk...plans both job and part time college next fall.

"This book is easier understanding and reading that the school text."

A- Male... works 16 hrs./wk. @$6.75...plans 4 year college

"Well organized and detailed with variety of information"

B- Male... no current job...plans 4 year college

"Good readability, good relation to our generation"

B- Male... works 5 hrs./ wk...plans 4 year college

"I like The Invisible Hand more than Invitation to Economics because it's really straightforward. It gets directly to the point which helps readers stay in task."

C Female... no after school job... plans 4 year college

"I think the book is great considering how incredibly boring the subject is!"

C Male... works 28 hrs./wk. @$6.74 and $10.11 Sundays...plans full time work after graduation

"The text book now sucks. Your book (The Invisible Hand) is O.K. for a text book."

D- Male... no job now. Willing to accept $4.50/ hour in a full time job... Future plans uncertain.

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