College Use of Sloan's Economics

Comments by Yafa Berger, college instructor:

I used your book today in my macroeconomics class that I teach @ Touro College (a private college in NYC). It was great. Incidentally, recommended your text to Chairman of Economics Dept. @ Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. Thinks it's good but would like to see a more advanced level for college students.

Recommended College Uses:

1. Supplemental text. See the free readings: markets & prices and government's role - helpful for students who find the level of their college economics text too advanced. Sloan's Economics offers an easy reading way to grasp the basic economics concepts. His book is tied to NCEE concepts, as are many college texts. Instructors are invited to contact Sloan about Internet access to his text for their students (beyond the two free chapters).

2. Basic text in junior colleges or in simplified courses. Sloan believes that most college economics texts are unnecessarily complicated by their use of graphs and technical theory. A main objective of Introductory Economics should be to enable students to discuss intelligently current business matters without using technical jargon.

3. In a course that focuses on Business topics. Courses in marketing, accounting, etc. will be more understandable after reading Business chapters from Sloan's Economics. Business students need a simple, overall picture of the system in which a company operates.

4. Use the Teacher's Resource Guide. The chapter quizzes for Sloan's Economics are multiple choice, but encourage critical thinking skills. The quizzes uncover common misperceptions and foster good discussions, useful with all economics texts. The Guide also has high interest activities (like analyzing stock prices) that supplement any economics course.

Current Economic Issues is a separate book by Sloan that instructors can use to supplement any economics text. It helps students frame their own economic arguments on ongoing issues like crime, welfare, health care, etc. Read (or assign your students to read) the sample chapter on illegal Drugs before ordering copies of this Issues book.

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