Grades 4-8 Use of Sloan's Economics

Use Free Readings to add economics to your curriculum. Many schools have an objective to introduce some economics in their social studies. These free, high-interest chapters add sound economic theory (not the usual world of work descriptions) to 4-8 curriculums:

1. "Oreo" chapter on food economics. In picking out food for dinner, students learn how free markets operate to benefit them.

2. Early New York history chapter. While reading about conditions in the first New York City settlements, students learn how effective government is necessary to foster prosperity for any community.

Students can access these free readings in two ways: (1) on their home or classroom computers, clicking on the above blue links, or (2) reading copies that their teacher has printed off these Internet pages.

Any economics role playing (like a mock store) would be greatly enhanced by a thorough student discussion of the concepts in the "Oreo" chapter above.

Teachers who find the above readings useful should consider purchasing a copy of Sloan's full Economics text. See the full lists of chapters in The Invisible Hand and Fostering Prosperity. Teachers are allowed to make copies from any parts of the book when they complete a copy authorization form.

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