Copy Authorization for Sloan's Economics Text

The following individuals are authorized to make copies of text pages, in accordance with the conditions between the dotted lines below:

Steve Caziarc, teacher, Alameda High School (CA)

Principal: Marjorie Sherratt........ Estimated copies 2000-01: 1800

Yafa Berger, teacher, Bedford-Stuyvesant Outreach High School (NY)

Principal: Stewart Weinberg.......Estimated copies 2000-01: 1200

Bill Strong (economics), Tom Lengel, Anita Heriot, other US history teachers, The Haverford School (PA)

Principal: Dr. Joe Cox...................Estimated copies 2000-01: 2500

All other copying of this text is illegal.

Note to students: If you have a copy referring to this Internet address and your teacher is not listed above, please e-mail the details to: Your identity will be kept confidential.

To Request Copy Authorization for "Economics"

1. Copy the words between the dotted lines below onto a blank e-mail form. Fill in blanks like estimated copies, supervisor name.

2. Have your supervisor "sign" the e-mail by (a) adding his/her signature block (showing address, phone number, etc) to the form's bottom, then (b)e-mailing it to

3. A return e-mail from Sloan will complete the authorization process.



Re: Request copy authorization for your Economics text

1. We have paid $14.95 and received a copy of your Economics text.

2. We agree to keep a record of total page copies made, and to send you a copy of that record with payment prior to 12/31 and 6/30 of each year. (Checks payable to A.V. Sloan, One Salt Landing, Tiburon, CA 94920)

- full text copies @ $2.00 each (about 2 cents/ page)

- less than full text @ 3 cents/ page copy

3. We agree not to allow others to make copies of your text's pages without a separate authorization.

4. We agree not to modify or shorten any text page copied.

5. An estimate of Economics pages to be copied 2000-01 is:

Teacher's name and E-mail address:

Supervisor's name and signature block:


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